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EGG Tech is currentley experiencing an issue with our phone lines, and it may not be possible to phone in. If you have any orders or enquires please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

we are very sorry for any inconviniece caused by this matter and hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.


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IETS Versailles 2015

I am pleased to announce that EGG Tech will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the 41st annual IETS, January 2015 in Versailles. Please take the time to come and visit our stand so we may discuss how we can further assist you and your business, or even just to say hello.
If you have not yet registered you can do so using the link below:

We look forward to the prospect of seeing you in January.


Christmas Closure

Please note our offices will be closed on Tuesday 23rd December and will re-open Monday 05th January 2015. To assist us with our planning and ensure that you have everything you need during this period, please place your orders before Thursday the 18th of December.snow 001

AETE Dresden September 2014

EGG Tech were in support of the 30th Scientific Meeting of the European Embryo Transfer Association. The event was well organised and attended in the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany. EGG Tech have been supporting this event for many years where we promote the services and products provide to the ET and IVF markets.

At this year’s congress we focused on all the laboratory equipment we supply. We have the ability to advise and supply breeding firms with all the capital equipment required, and since we returned we have been very busy fulfilling orders.


DresdenDresden jake and sonja 416

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A.E.T.E. Conference 2014

EGG Tech are supporting the European Embryo Transfer Association again this year. The event is organised to take place on the 12th – 13th September 2014, Dresden, Germany.

If you have not already registered, please take advantage of the discounted fee available before 16th July and register at

If you are able to attend, it would be great to have the opportunity to discuss the services we provide, and how we can further support your business.

NEW 8ml Media

EGG Tech were pleased to have introduced a new 8ml pack size in late autumn 2007. This complements our already well established media range.
VIGRO and SYNGRO Media have always been highly regarded by The Embryo Transfer community and the new packaging has been welcomed with open arms.

Customer comments:
8ml is the perfect amount.
The plastic tubes are safe and easily discarded.
They are convenient and competitively priced.

This together with the choice of FSH and the most comprehensive assortment of products provides us with a perfect one stop shop facility.

Available Now – The New Vortech™ Catheter

Available Now – The New Vortech™ Catheter

Agtech has produced an exciting new catheter designed to allow you to flush faster and with fewer blockages. The catheters are sterile medical grade silicone allowing you to use them right out of the package and then autoclave them for multiple uses.

Multiple off-set eyelets (more than any other on the market) mean less chance of a clogged catheter due to mucus and endometerial tissue occluding the eyelets.

A stylette tip pocket surrounds and guards the stylette reducing chances of uterine trama.

The Vortech catheters have been field tested and proven to stand up to multiple flushes.

Coming Soon – The Curtis Embryo Filter

Easier Searching – The low profile allows unobstructed filter handling, rotation and searching on all microscope stages.
Rapid & Accurate Searching – “Micro-cells” in the search field eliminates embryo drift within the dish for rapid, accurate searching and extraction.
Efficient Searching – Search in the filter
• No separate search dish to purchase and pack
• Eliminates chances for embryo loss associated with pouring medium from filter into search dish, or from leaving embryos in the filter which then dries out.
Fast and safe filtration with woven nylon screen – The finest European microscopic weaving technology safely retains embryos while allowing rapid filtration of excess media. Nylon is 100% embryo safe, smooth and soft on the zona, and extremely durable.
• 250% more filtration surface area than cup filters allows rapid collection with minimal chance for flow blockage.
Consistent fluid level – The cup maintains a constant fluid level so your embryos are always bathed in medium.
Search immediately – Minimal 5mm distance between inflow port and medium pool eliminates foaming so you can search immediately. Embryos are transported gently from tubing into filtration pool.
View you progress – Translucent lid allows you to visually monitor flow dynamics and filter contents from any angle.
Lid stays in place, never pops off – The large, always open outflow port allows fluid to exit as fast as it enters. There is no chance of leave an outflow pinch clamp closed which might cause internal pressure and lid separation.