Coming Soon – The Curtis Embryo Filter

Easier Searching – The low profile allows unobstructed filter handling, rotation and searching on all microscope stages.
Rapid & Accurate Searching – “Micro-cells” in the search field eliminates embryo drift within the dish for rapid, accurate searching and extraction.
Efficient Searching – Search in the filter
• No separate search dish to purchase and pack
• Eliminates chances for embryo loss associated with pouring medium from filter into search dish, or from leaving embryos in the filter which then dries out.
Fast and safe filtration with woven nylon screen – The finest European microscopic weaving technology safely retains embryos while allowing rapid filtration of excess media. Nylon is 100% embryo safe, smooth and soft on the zona, and extremely durable.
• 250% more filtration surface area than cup filters allows rapid collection with minimal chance for flow blockage.
Consistent fluid level – The cup maintains a constant fluid level so your embryos are always bathed in medium.
Search immediately – Minimal 5mm distance between inflow port and medium pool eliminates foaming so you can search immediately. Embryos are transported gently from tubing into filtration pool.
View you progress – Translucent lid allows you to visually monitor flow dynamics and filter contents from any angle.
Lid stays in place, never pops off – The large, always open outflow port allows fluid to exit as fast as it enters. There is no chance of leave an outflow pinch clamp closed which might cause internal pressure and lid separation.

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