About Us

EGG Tech is a specialist company committed to the supply of animal embryo transfer, IVF and artificial insemination products. Together with production and supply of high quality scientific products for cell biology and biotechnology research.

Veterinary Products

EGG Technologies is an extremely efficient and forward thinking business with a powerful ethos regarding our duty of care in the supply of veterinary products. We have focused closely on delivering an unrivaled level of customer service and support to our clients.

It is our mission to maintain our position as the market leader in provision of the most comprehensive range of Embryo Transfer products. This, together with superb technical back-up within any aspect of utilising products, as well as the opportunity for practitioners to participate in periodic training courses, gives veterinarians total confidence in adopting ET techniques to their best advantage.


Calier Produce

  • Pluset (FSH)
  • Veteglan (PGF2 ) 0.075 mg/ml Solution for injection for cows, sows and mares. d-Cloprostenol.
  • Veterelin (GnRH)



Vetoquinol Manufactures

  • Folltropin-V (FSH) For which we have distribution rights.

We also hold distribution rights for the other principal organisations within Embryo Transfer, IVF & Artificial Insemination. This includes IMV Tecnologies, Agtech, Cryologic, Minitüb and IVF Bioscience.

Agtech  Cryologic MinitubMinitubMinitub

This makes our partnership the first link in the chain to providing a perfect match for practitioners.

EGG Technologies Ltd. is registered with the VMD and is periodically audited by regulators to ensure the required standards of operation are satisfied. We are pleased that we exceed with all the principles and standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) in the manufacture, quality, storage and distribution of products to our customers.

We possess the technical qualifications and a wealth of experience extending over 80 years in the collection of serum and the manufacture of media and reagents for cell culture and diagnostic use.
We have an extremely strong philosophy to ensure that we provide not only superior products, but most importantly, we ensure our customers receive a service which is second to none