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As a company our total operation is regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK

Our personnel have many years experience in collecting, manufacturing and supplying serum for biopharmaceutical and diagnostic research purposes. International pharmaceutical companies take advantage of our expertise in providing them with excellent products at an equitable cost.

Careful stock management and profound knowledge of the product has enabled us to exceed customer expectations for serum quality. This is combined with a level of service to ensure we meet their stringent demand schedules.

We invite you to try FREE samples for testing against batch reserves as necessary. Although we will always recognise the product as being of high quality, the testing of individual serum batches will determine whether the qualities are advantageous to your specific project.

EGG Tech is conscious of the areas in the world where serum is not only collected, but where it may be transported, processed and distributed. We can ensure full traceability from country of collection to the end user. All batches are processed and quality tested to cGMP / ISO 9000 standards.